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SELECT si.*, mCP.ID as channelProductId, sim.title as brandName, sim.description as brandFullName, sit.translation as productTitle, sitt.title as productTypeTitle FROM shop_items as si LEFT JOIN mseChannelProduct as mCP ON mCP.productId = si.id_item AND mCP.channelId = 49 INNER JOIN shop_items_manufacturers as sim ON si.manufacturer_id = sim.id_manufacturer LEFT JOIN cms_languages as cl ON cl.code = 'de' LEFT JOIN shop_items_translations as sit ON sit.languageId = cl.id_language AND sit.itemId = si.id_item AND sit.typeId = 1 LEFT JOIN shop_itemtypes_titles as sitt ON sitt.language_id = cl.id_language AND sitt.itemtype_id = si.itemtype_id AND sitt.ordering = 1 WHERE si.id_item = tecdoc-lizenz
Unknown column 'tecdoc' in 'where clause'